Got my mind on the city, where it all goes down.

Shout-out to Cole cuz I know that I’m gettin close now.

Can’t stay home,

it wants me no more,

it wants me to hit the door,

go learn more and explore.

So, I’ve been gone.

Hell, I left the whole country.

Why not adventure abroad & still earn my degree?

And another place, another time, another space,

more independent time,

more time for me to create.

So I’m in Costa Rica,

city of San Jose.

Venturing to every other land

where my head can lay.

Arenal, La Fortuna, Poaz, and Tamarindo,

The first time on my own was to Manuel Antonio.

My favorite trip, it changed my life;

the weekend I went to Puerto Viejo.

Friday evening, and the 4th hour creepin,

that I’ve been on this bus

-barely sleepin.

Cuz I’ve been thinkin,

singin to the stars.

Wonderin how long it’ll take

to send my energy to Mars.

Second-to-last stop,

the man behind gets out his seat,

“cantas muy linda” es what he said to me.

Gracefully taken back,

“Muchos Gracias” I replied.

And suddenly a gleeful feeling in my chest would reside.

We pull away from the pit,

with the lights no longer lit.

All to see was the night sky

& lose ya thoughts in it.

Shooting stars, passing cars,

more faint mountain views from afar.

Even more, thinkin of what awaits at the bars…

4th hour, the bus stops.

I turn off my tape knocks.

Me and the girls walk a long black road to “Rocking J’s”

And thats where I began my caribbean stay.

First night out,

I met the coolest rastas

Offered all their goods:

Vibes, music, and Mary,

I meant they were livin good.

Showed me the most love

because they felt it back.

Jamaican Levi even told me,

So I know it’s a fact.

Black sand beaches in the day,

reggae bars throughout the night,

like the bond between me & P.V.

so comfortable and tight.

This town I’ll never forget

because of the beauty it’s shown…

Who knows,

one distant day,

I may call this place “home.”


Ashley E. Osborne



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