Costa Rica is not at the top of the list for fashion like New York, Paris, and Italy, but looking around, why not? I would have never thought coming to Costa Rica, that I would be wowed by the exceptional fashion pieces that are worn here. Here are some items that I’ve noticed frequently in the Costa Rican Fashion world.


Boots. Oh the boots! Currently it’s what they call “dry season” which is considered summer and although it is warm, boots are still #1 for fashion kicks. Very popular amongst women, boots are worn with various outfits including shorts, skirts, and leggings. Complete the outfit with some dangling earring and even a scarf with a tank top and a light sweater, and there you have it! That’s your outfit for the day.

Sin título

Next hot fashion piece here is backpacks.

BackpacksBackpacks 2

Backpacks here in Costa Rica are all about the look. With different colors and prints, backpacks range from the brightest of bright to solid colors, but either way, they are still extremely fashionable. Going down to the jewelry market, you can find any backpack that suits your taste and style. I actually want to find one to buy for myself, and I’m sure that it will not be a problem to find one.Skinny Jeans

Next are skinny jeans pants and printed tops. Skinny jeans and pants are extremely popular here. They range from all colors to different prints and textures. The wide range of styles allow for these types of pants to be worn year round with practically anything. It looks great with boots, sandals, heels, and even sneakers. For women that are petite, to women that are curvier, these pants are there to help you fill out your shape and show off those curves!

Printed shirts are here in Costa Rica, and they are all over. From dark prints to summer prints, all can be seen. For most people, they would pair a printed top with skinny jeans or leggings, and it’s a stellar outfit. Cheap to buy, easy to find, and worth more than just a shirt; IT IS the maker of your outfit. So when in doubt, grab printed top and skinny jeans. Trust me, you cannot go wrong!

Written by Charmaine Shuford, Social Media Journalist

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