It is very possible to feel homesick during your study abroad experience, but I have 5 tips on how to enhance your experience, and leave you wanting more.

  1. Create a list of everything you want to do during your trip, and make it your job to complete all the things on your list. This will keep you occupied, and keep you looking forward to your next adventure. Create a list of about 10 things.
  2. Volunteer, become involved! Being involved during your study abroad experience will not only give you an additional perk on your resume, but will enhance your experience. Contact your school and ask about volunteer opportunities, (tutoring at local orphanages, a cleanup project, or join a club on campus. These opportunities are the moments you will remember forever.
  3. Engage in your family, and their lives. You are living in their homes, so learn about them! This is your chance to practice your Spanish, after all that is why you came to a Spanish speaking country. Spend time with them, even if it is just watching TV. Plan family outings when it is convenient for everyone.
  4. Blog, Journal and report. Record all your experiences. Make it creative, and show it off to your friends and family. This is your time to shine, and show what you achieved while abroad.
  5. Take up something new. Yoga, dance classes, or an advanced Spanish course. Step out your comfort zone, try new food, and make Tico friends! Remember this is your time to explore yourself. Learn who you are!


By: Tyana Velazquez, Social Media Journalist

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