This article was translated from Simple Chinese to English. 

Simon Varela had studied painting at Art Center College in Los Angeles. After graduation, he began working for the advertising company, and a few years later he started his career. At first, he wanted to be a creator of animated character, but this goal was not achieved. He worked in animated film until Fox research project, Hanna Barbara and Warner Bros. gave him a chance to publish his works. But at that time, his work was not liked. In 2000, he presented a collection of his works to Pixar. Pixar saw his work, they gave him a chance. Later, he was shocked that his first draft of the movie “Finding Nemo” (2003), was picked over many other artists. The film was directed because of his paintings showed “a light in the dark”. Since then, his work has been subject to the producer, and the attention of many directors. He also worked for the film “Corpse Bride”, “urgent” 1994 (“The Pagemaster”), and the movie “Cool Dog” 2002 (“Scooby-Doo”) created a lot of shocking animated characters and scenes.Image

Simon Varela works in the main drawing, pencil drawing. His paintings, black-and-white contrast strongly, but without losing the necessary gray background. In his paintings, the most famous picture he painted for the movie Haiti Story shark. He has said that this shark has to simulate his sort of portrait. This shark has the foul smells eyes anthropomorphic. The cartoon shark painting also has several other important subtle description, such as that canines, with Fish, there are those scars. Realistic, vivid expression of sharks. In addition to sharks, the coral seabed for the film version is even more amazing. Painting forefront is mainly black, the proportion of things is extremely accurate. Coral irregular arrangement of descending from front to back. In addition, coral white, gray and black shadow gradient to add a strong three-dimensional sense of this picture. General, this picture gives exposure to the seabed, pleasant illusion of schools of fish, as if it is within reach.ImageWritten by Melody Li, Social Media Journalist


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