For those who are looking for a church service to attend, there is a church group that uses the auditorium here at Universidad Veritas every Saturday night at 6PM. This group is a mixture of christian and catholic believers. The name of the church group is Interludio.

This name comes from a translation from the book of Psalms. Through out the book of Psalms, written in the margins is the word Selah. In the original Greek, this represents needing to take a break in the song to take in more air, and to make it through the next part of the song at a higher level. Similar to a brake is an interludio, which for the church group signifies the need for us to use this time in church every week to recharge for the coming week.

Interludio started about five years ago in the living room of pastor Jon Pablo Chacón with about five people. They now meet in the auditorium at VERITAS with 95 people. This worship is a group of young adults, and then afterwards a large group for kids meet in the entrance to the auditorium.

For those interested in a deferent type of church gathering, in a more relaxed atmosphere, some of the people from interludio go to Sabana Park every Thursday at 6PM to play different sports, and run in the park. This is a group of about 90 people, most of them different from the group that meets on Saturday nights. They use this time in the park as an outreach to other people, and to pray for each other.

For more information about interludio, or to watch the Saturday night services stream live online, go to They have two Facebook pages at interludiocr and deportistas.iterludianos.

This group does have 3 fundamental values:

1 We are naturally supernatural.

2 We do not admit Perfect people.

3 In the essential thing, let’s agree, in the not essential thing, let’s have freedom.

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