For only being in San Jose for 2 weeks, I feel as though I have quickly adapted to the culture.  Coming from a small town, I was a bit overwhelmed with the hussle and bussle of the crazy drivers that pack the street of San Jose. Motorcycles are everywhere, but not to worry you are able to see them for they are required to wear a small neon green strap which is hardly visible.  Not to mention they motor by in less then a fraction of a second.  It is necessary to remain alert. In essences, don’t be dumb when crossing the street or walking around town.

Another first impression is it seems that all the locals find San Jose to be dangerous. There is an incredible difference between my tica mama talking about being in the streets as opposed to the exchange students that wandering the halls of Veritas. However all the warnings and lack of warning comes down to the same consensus to not walk alone or in a pair after 12 at night. Simple solution for staying out of trouble is use a REAL taxi to get from place to place.

Even with the different in traffic and an increase in security necessities, I am really enjoying my time here.  My first words of advice are “stay alert and don’t be dumb.”



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