As you all probably find out now that your program only covers the breakfast and dinner. In this new country and city, it might take you a while to find those awesome restaurants to have a great lunch with your friends. So this is going to be the cheat sheet for those great places that I have find around Veritas. 

Food Stand (Don Ro)

First day in school, you will see this cute food stand right in our school’s court yard. The owner of the food stand is very nice, and he is a very good chef. The prices of the food there are very good. One empanada cost around $1.50. The food taste very good there.Image

Café Marlen

This is the cafeteria that is located on the right side of campus if you are faced down the hill. She always has very healthy options and lunch deals. There is always fresh fruit juice. It cost around 4-5$ per meal, and she only accepts cash. 

Café Charlie’s

This cafeteria on campus is a grab and go. They have a buffet style for lunch as well as hot sandwiches and cheeseburgers. It is more of a fast food meal rather than a really healthy option. They also have a lot of snacks and drink options for a little pick-me-up.

Observa La Pizza

This is the closest restaurant, which is right next to Veritas. The price there is similar to the U.S. price. One big piece of pizza is around 1,500 colones ($3.00). However, they do have different kind of combos. Their smoothie is very good, but the price is a little high on that; it is around $3.00 for a median one.

Soda de Mary

Take a right in front of the school and take another right, follow the curve after that and it will be your right side. This is a very small restaurant. I personally haven’t eaten there before. But according to my friends, the food there is good, and they have fair price. Lunches are around 5 dollars, which is 2,500 colones.


Granitico is a restaurant that is to the left of los Professionales, and next to the bright orange and blue house if you are facing the high way. It is a restaurant similar to Soda de Mary. Both of them serve homemade meals. Plate of the day there costs 1,900 colones, which is around $4.00. There are different kinds of smoothies, fruit drinks, ice creams and so on.  It becomes kind of busy around noon, so if you decide to go there for lunch, you have to be patient.

Los Professionales

It is a bar, restaurant and a “club.” If you are looking for a place to having an economic lunch and watch a soccer game or listen to some good music, then los Professionales would be the perfect spot. The lunch is a buffet style. Although you can pick whatever you like to eat, you can only have one plate of food. The lunch cost 2,000 colones. If you don’t like whatever they are serving that day, you can always order from their menu. Majority of the food cost 2,500 colones, which is 5 dollars.

Las Leñitas

Recently, I went to this restaurant. It is right across the road, to the right of Musmanni (the orange pulperia). The setting of the restaurant is very nice and relaxing. The prices are a little higher than others that I have listed above. For example an order of 3 small tacos cost about 6 dollars. This restaurant mainly serves Latin American food. Their serving size ranges depending on what you get. However, the food there taste very good. Additionally, if you want a smoothie after your lunch, there is a cute and awesome batido place couple store down the same block.

Mei Li

If you have craving for American Chinese Food, then this is the place to go. This restaurant is located right to the Red Veritas sign, which is to the right side of our school. The prices there vary depending on what you order. Make sure you know what you are ordering before you get them. The waitress speaks English as well. (It is funny to admit that I even order the wrong food because I am Chinese.)

La Musa Confusa

To the right of the school, you will find a downhill to the left side. This restaurant is right on the right side of the road.  It is great for paninis, wraps, and pitas. They always have a vegetarian options and special plates of the day for lunch. It is about 6-8 dollars per meal, which is 3,000-4,000 colones.

Chinese Association

Walk along the downhill right of our school. You will then follow the road to go up hill. Keep straight, you will find this restaurant on your right hand side. It is huge inside. Well, first remind is that they serve Chinese food, not American Chinese food. So if you are a “brave” person, you might consider not there. Their food is very good to me. However, the prices are a little high. Average dishes cost around 5,000 colones, which is 10 dollars. 

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