Before our Spring Semester Social Media Journalists packed up their bags and headed back home, they created testimonial videos in English and their native language Spanish and Chinese. Some of these photos show us watching them before we edited them. All of the students were able to film their own testimonials, and learn how to record the video and sound of other students. These techniques are important to learn while posting on our social media. They learned the way a video can look brighter or darker, and how using a sound recorder helps to improve the sound. We all had a blast filming these opinions about the students experience here. A really fun one to make was the video we filmed in Chinese. Our student Melody who is from China did a great job at doing it in Chinese. How amazing to speak English, Spanish, and Chinese!

Look out for the testimonials to show up on our website soon! s

We are very happy to share their recommendations, experiences, and opinions about our programs for future students to come. Please check out the rest of the articles on this blog to see more detail information from packing list, to what to eat around the school for lunch.

Thanks for following.

Pura Vida, Paige Cornetet (Social Media Journalist Leader)ImageImageImageImage

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