Hola chicos!

The Lunaticos are an ultimate frisbee group of mixed nationalities, locals and internationals, and genders, that play together every Monday and (sometimes) Thursday in Santo Domingo, Heredia, Costa Rica. It is a nice mix of young and old players, and has a good intensity level for play. Some of the players have been playing together since the late 80’s, early 90’s, and are more the willing to help others using their many years of experience. All experience levels are welcome; the Lunaticos create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and are supportive of new players to the sport.


: A Few Members of the Team :

If you are interested in the sport, check out http://www.usaultimate.org/
If you are interested in the team Lunaticos, check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/FrisbeeCR/

If you are ever interested in coming, we generally meet in front of Veritas, by the flags, around 7:45pm to carpool over there. If we have a lot of people, be prepared to split a cab costing around 4-5 mil colónes. Otherwise, I can get us a ride there and back. The playing starts around 8:15pm and goes until 10:30. If you want to participate in all the festivities, meaning the bar after, you will probably not get back until 11:30.

This is the location…
La Basilíca, Santo Domingo, Heredia, CRImageThe Volcanic Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, is nearing it’s sixth annual international frisbee tournament near the beautiful volcano of Arenal, Costa Rica. The tournament is probably one of the top 10 coolest ultimate frisbee tournaments in the world. I have not yet gone… but it is in a tropical rain forest, near one of the world’s most active volcanoes, with a mix of the best international players. It cannot get any better than that. Did I mention that you can go for a very affordable cost and get a special international package: hotel, transportation, visits and tours to Arenal Volcano and tropical rain forests, tourney t-shirt, frisbee, party, and more party. It’s a sweet deal! All for the price of $375. If you account everything separately, it would be well over this bottom price.ImageAs of right now, the tournament is this coming weekend, the weekend of May 24. I am super excited, as I have not been to a tournament since the fall! One of the TD’s recently posted some pictures of the new apparel for the tournament, which looks tuanis! I love the colors, because it’s my teams. I am riding with my friends from Escazú and it should be an interesting, yet fun ride cramming into a VW. No big deal. Then, off to Arenal! Also, my team looks pretty solid. I’m definitely leaving it all out on the field.ImageMore information on the Arenal Volcanic Tournament…

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