From the minute you arrive in San Jose, be ready to start your food journey in Costa Rica. The first step to joining the locals is to step into a “Soda”. Soda is basically a mom and pops resturaunt that will 100% sell 2 items that you will fall in love with: casado and refresco.


The typical Costa Rican dish that is available pretty much anywhere is called a ¨casado¨. This deliciousness consists of rice and beans, a type of meat, salad, and fried plaintains. For the supersize amount of food that is handed to you, the price of the dish is student friendly cheap. Also, with this you have to order a “refresco” a fresh fruit juice (My recommendation is Cas).


What is Cas? What are the exotic fruits of Costa Rica that you cannot get back in the states? Cas is one of the most common refresco, because this fruit is not usually eaten right on the spot. It is made more as a drink as Cas is not really sweet when eaten from its raw form. Other fruits that will excite your tastebuds are papaya, guanábana, maracuyá, gauba, and granadilla. Gotta try guanábana as a milkshake as the locals consider this drink to be the perfect summer drink during the hot weather.


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