Ever heard of that catchy Macklemore song “Thrift Shop”? You probably would want to follow his footsteps in Costa Rica, as you will not find your favorite student friendly shops such as Forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters at your convenience. They do exist in Costa Rica, but you will have to go to specific Outlet Malls rather than your average mall. The clothing shops in your typical mall are like mini boutiques but not with the same quality. It is the clothing you can find at your local Forever21 without that Forever21 price. They are quite pricey and trying to be frugal as you want to use the money to go to beaches and rainforests, these clothing can be very unaffordable. Instead get friendly with the Costa Rican style Goodwill, as you may fall in love with the treasures you can find there. The stores that give a similar environment as Goodwill or Plato’s closet is called Ropa Americana. Now, I have no idea where the clothes are from as most have their original tags AND Goodwill tags so some of these outfits have travelled far. A lot of the clothing I have bought from there are actually from Forever21 and H&M with their original tags but the Ropa Americana price usually ranges from $4 to $14 there.  I’ve also found some vintage dresses that were a steal for the price.

Another tip when you get tired of your wardrobe here in Costa Rica try trading off clothing with your friends or share your wardrobes so you can doublé or triple the amount of variety!

The clothing you should probably bring to Costa Rica is rain coat, hiking shoes, swim suit, and flip flops. As I realized that they are very expensive here! With the swimsuit you can find a good cheap price at Pequeño Mundo (It’s like Target), but really these ítems are key ítems as you will need them a lot when hitting up the beach or rainforest on the weekends. 

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