The Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and diverse wonders. Situated in the heart of La Fortuna, this active volcano is home to a wide variety of animals, creepy crawlers, exotic flowers, and luscious ferns and palms. Looming over the town at over 5,000 feet this impressive giant creates picturesque scenes of fiery lava flows and misty mountain tops. To get a closer look at the volcano you need only visit the Arenal Volcano National Park, its short trails enable you to wonder through impressive forests and vast lava fields from earlier eruptions.

If you still have time in La Fortuna after observing this geographical marvel there are dozens of fun and exciting activities in the area. Whitewater raft down the nearby Peñas Blancas, Toro and Balsa rivers or take a more relaxing boat ride over Lake Arenal. Go on a tour high up in the canopy across outstanding hanging bridges or scale down canyons and waterfalls during a day of repelling. 

During your vacation make sure to schedule some time to visit the La Fortuna Waterfall. This beautiful spot is just a short trip from town and definitely worth it. The rushing water plummets down over 200 feet into a cool relaxing pool that beckons you to come and stay awhile. This is the perfect opportunity to go swimming, take photos, and enjoy just one of the many charming locations Costa Rica has to offer.

After such a stressful and grueling vacation make sure to rejuvenate in one of the local hot springs. The volcano heats dozens of underground streams that locals have taken advantage of, turning into simmering pools of relaxation. Resort pools even include water slides and wet bars to take your experience to the next level. Whether you are trying to relax or explore La Fortuna is bound to have something for everyone in order to make your vacation unforgettable!  


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