As every exchange student is told the first week of school there are ¨sports¨ every Monday and Wednesday starting at 1. As one of the few Veritas students who goes to these activities I would like to explain exactly what it entails in hopes that more people will come play.

So what are these activities?  Basically, it is a group of Ticos and Veritas exchange students playing a bit of soccer on the basketball court.  The games are anywhere from 4 versus 4 to 8 versus 8 and the first team to 13 wins.  With that, the game can last anywhere from an hour to 2 hours- however whenever you need to leave feel free.   

The first two times I went, I arrived exactly at 1 only to leave after 15 minutes when no one arrived. Since then, I have learned that these official activities follow an extreme ¨Tico time¨ schedule. Don´t be shocked if the 1 o´clock game starts promptly at 1:30.  

Recently it has been raining around around 1 and less people have been showing up.  Because of this, we are trying to change the time to 12 or we may begin to play later in the afternoon. ¨Rain rain go away come again around 5?¨  Just ask around to find out what time we will be playing.

All in all this is a great way to meet ticos and have fun learning and playing futbol.  I have made some fabulous tico friends that I will for sure see in the future after finish my studies in Veritas. I would highly recommend coming.  All levels are encouraged to come. See you there!


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