Horseback riding in costa rica

Veritas study abroad student goes horseback riding in Arenal.

While on an excursion to Arenal, I decided to go on an extra tour; horseback riding! The tour is only $45 for a 3 hour horseback ride through the tropical rainforest.

Now I know what you are thinking, what if you don’t have any experience with horses. That is completely okay, so no worries! They have 6 ten-year-old children who ride these same horses. All of the horses are well trained, and have been assisting in tours for many years. Pretty much when they see one horse walk in a direction, the others will follow. By the way the horses are great listeners if you treat them nicely. There will also be professional guides to help you along the way.


Luckily for me the rain had cleared before the trail ride, and the heat was not unbearable. During the ride we passed through the site of where the old hotel called “Los Lagos” was once located before a volcano eruption in 2003. Some of the buildings are still standing, and there is also a natural lake still in existence. This tour enables you to get as close as possible to the Arenal Volcano, and even walk on volcano sand. Throughout the ride you will encounter landscapes that will take your breath away. Talk about awesome pictures! Also about halfway through the trail the guides will stop everyone for a break to stretch your legs, and snap pictures of the beautiful scenery.

In preparation for the tour, I recommend that you wear long pants and sneakers, that you do not mind getting a little dirty, take a rain coat, wear sunblock and insect repellant and be sure to bring your camera!

Although some moments were scary, this was definitely an experience I will cherish forever. Clear your mind and just go for it, you won’t regret it!Diamond C2Diamond C2

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