As the last group of students were coming to the end of their program, all the social media journalists decided to go on a group outing together. It was a great way to spend time with each other on their last days here in Costa Rica. So where did they go and what did they do, you might ask?


Just a short bus ride away is a roller skating rink! We got off the bus and went inside to get our skates. They had both in-line as well as 2×2 skates. After lacing and buckling up, there is a coat check for a small fee at the counter. You can store your shoes, jackets, bags, and anything else there while you’re busy skating. When everyone was ready, we all hit the rink and began the first of many rounds along the floor. It was like #tbt to the derby days!


Together, we skated around and around, numerous times along the rink. The music was on point, and the people were all there for the same reason – to have fun and spend time with friends. As the lights flashed and synced to the music, they began hosting some fun games. Who can stop on command? Who can turn around when called on? Can you find a partner before the music stops? It was a great way to meet new people and talk to locals as well.


Let this be a warning. There is NO air conditioning and it gets very warm because of the large amount of people crowded into one area. Without a doubt, you will begin to sweat within minutes of skating around. Luckily, there is a giant fan by the door where many people spend time standing in front of.


There is also a refreshments area where you can purchase light snacks and beverages. Everyone enjoyed just hanging out, talking, and spending time together. Thank you so much Paige for supporting us!

Last but not least, we even celebrated a birthday while we were there! Do you know how to sing “Happy Birthday” in Spanish? If not, take a look at the video!


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