Art in urban cities are grown from the city and marked on the city itself to show others what has grown from it. City art can be found in all different forms: stickers on road signs, murals, and spray painting. These street arts are birthed from the soul of the city, slipping through cracks in order to be seen by all hours of the day. The graffiti I have seen around the city have taken in many forms of words and pictures. I have seen words on buildings to mark territory, spray painted images to share a modern image, and murals to remind those around what has been.


I see graffiti art as the constant revolution to modern art that is most accepted. Graffiti reminds us of voices silenced by some form of poverty, that they are heard through their street art. Even though graffiti are usually placed on buildings and signs without permission, I find it an art phenomenon that has crossed cultural lines. Graffiti is an informal way to exchange messages through art on the street with whomever passes by. Beautiful murals or images painted by spray paint, is easy on the eyes and leaves people wondering about the story that inspired the street art. Graffiti, usually created by young people, will never be ashamed to speak for those who have silent voices.

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