We couldn’t be more different, so why is it that we haven’t all pulled out each other’s hair or braids? Lol. I’m Cynthia, and I am in the far right of the picture above. This week makes 2 weeks with my 3 new roommates. Strangely enough, we get along great and we have a system. Perhaps our study abroad program has a really good technique of putting together personalities that work well. Perhaps, we all just want it to work so bad that we try our best not to make each other mad. All in all, each personality meshes together to create a well oiled machine-a group of girls that really want to make the best of their experience here.

Stephanie’s room is across the hall from mine and she is the oldest. She came in speaking way better Spanish than us, and I feel like she started our practice of speaking Spanish to each other. Emily is right next door to me. She’s the youngest, but always in the know with the “what’s happenings” in Costa Rica. Sharlene’s room is in the first floor, and her attitude is, “Do it, we’re in Costa Rica.” She literally says that for everything, lol.

Me, well I think I may be the lame of the bunch. I have sat out for a few outings, but my 3 new friends tell me that I can’t say no to anything else while I’m here. Sheesh, these girls never sleep! Collectively, we have a good set up. So I ask you, if 4 strangers can make it work, what else out there is possible?

Written by Cynthia Edwards, Social Media Journalist

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