letters in costa rica

When I first got my host family address that I would be living at in Costa Rica, I immediately went to map quest to look it up. I soon realized I had no idea what the address even meant, and was very confused. After typing the whole thing in a noticed I wasn’t going to get an exact location. It wasn’t until I arrived here till I understood what the issue was.

Here in Costa Rica they do not have real addresses, they are more like an area. There are no mailboxes like there are in the United States. To find a house you are directed towards one building or a landmark than a couple miles east or west. It is very confusing and general, and can be hard to get used to.  I am still not used to it, and don’t think that I will ever get used to it, because I come from such a different way of life.

I read somewhere that America is trying to change Costa Rica, so that they have direct addresses just like us. It would take away the confusion and enable them to have mailboxes and so forth. I think that this would be a great idea, but I am just an outsider looking in. I think that if the process works for them not there is no need to change it.

By Nicole Williams, Social Media Journalist

One comment

  1. Actually, it’s not America (which you should call the U.S. – Latin Americans don’t like it when you call it “America”) that is trying to change the mail system. Costa Rica wants to do so, as well, but is just very slow about it! Recently they put up street signs in San Jose, and it was totally a big deal 🙂

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