I have had the pleasure of being a student of Ricardo these last few weeks, and he has made the list of people to meet at Veritas University. I have learned a lot in his class about life and how to care for other people. I was able to take a moment when he was not helping someone to ask him a few questions about himself.


According to Ricardo, his school experience was a great time. High school was a little bland, but he was able to intern at a bilingual school. He received his degree in farming and agriculture before going on to study Pre-Dental at the University. He changed course slightly and went on the Pre-med track before adding Education. After receiving a grant, Ricardo travelled to the United States where he studied self defense and acupuncture. He earned a license for holistic massage therapy and continued to earn his doctorate in Natural Medicine.

When asked when he became interested in medicine, Ricardo responded that he always knew that was what he wanted to do. He has always cared for people, even when he was younger he said he was always trying to help people.

A specific incident that occurred when Ricardo was five years old sparked his interest in martial arts. He became more involved with an official organization at the age of ten doing Yudo and Karate. Here, Ricardo was able to also learn more about Asian culture. In the sixties, he worked under a Korean Master before becoming a world competitor and an international referee. Today he teaches self defense classes to teach people to protect themselves. His mission is “To protect, not to cause harm.”

Although Ricardo enjoys teaching the Word, he also favors teaching Natural and Preventative Medicine.

Ricardo is full of wisdom and love and tries to help people whenever given the opportunity. When asked for some words of advice, Ricardo responded, “Always, whatever you do, do it with joy. Have passion and love what you do. Only strive for excellence, not perfection, because only God is perfect. Do everything with love and remember that God loves us more than anything.”

Written By Rachel Illias, Social Media Journalist

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