Once you get settled into the swing of classes and catch up on some sleep there are a number of things that you could do for fun. However, since you are already somewhere new why not try something else that’s new too? Well this is what I told myself the first week here at Veritas University. There are a number of activities being offered that I have been known to hesitate trying like yoga, martial arts and dancing. Let’s be honest though, it’s because I wasn’t sure if I would A) like them and B) have any ability to be somewhat successful in any of these three things.

So while I was set to try something new I was reluctant until a friend asked me to try one of the dancing classes. If you are anything like me… you head for the half of the crowd towards the back of the class because if I was the only who didn’t know the dances I wasn’t going to be singled out by the instructor. Luckily for me, the dance instructor was not only comical, but she didn’t expect us to know complicated maneuvers and made the entire process pretty fun.

She started with simple movements that allowed those who were nervous or unsure to get relaxed and catch the rhythm. I was taken aback by the ease of the dancing, and it’s progression that by the time we got to salsa and merengue it surprised me that it was so easy to follow along. Once we got to the partner section my friend and I started dancing together, and it was much simpler than I expected. After the first song the instructor asked me to help demonstrate a move my friend had just taught me, but she gave me a free pass since it was my first class (So don’t worry, no pressure!). The next partner I had wasn’t quite so experienced, but we did have a pretty good conversation throughout the song.

The class also included Tico Colombia, and by the end of the hour and a half I was extremely happy that I had gone, but also knew I had quite the workout. I would definitely go to the class again, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, everyone has dance styles that are harder for them, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t dance (for me Tico Colombia was harder). Two, if you think the class is only for those who know how to dance, that’s not true. There were people there, like me, for the first time and others who were local Veritas students who have gone to the class for months. Lastly, (and dare I say most importantly for us ladies) do not judge your ability to dance by how well you do with one partner. For us ladies a good lead is really helpful and can make dancing seem pretty easy, but don’t shy away from guys who aren’t flaunting their skills, you could have a great conversation and a pretty good Tico amigo!

Dance Class with Miguelito

Written By Kaila Noland, Social Media Journalist

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