If you’re like me, you prefer to paint your own picture. You bring your own colors and plenty of glitter to make it just right. When others paint a pictures for you, it’s usually disappointing because its never what you had in mind.

This is my analogy on getting advice while traveling. There will be tons of folks telling you what your opinion will be of the places you’re going and the things you will see. While there are some instances where you will receive good advice. In most cases, there person was misinformed, purposely misleading, or just plain ole dead wrong. You need your experience to build your own opinion.

For instance, I spent an amazing weekend at Puerto Viajo 2 weeks ago. I was expecting our hotel to be grand and luxurious based on the reviews I read. We had a nice hotel, but I wouldn’t call it grand. I kept looking for the cocktails upon our arrival or the men lined up in uniform to take our bags, but they weren’t there. That advice had me disappointed in a perfectly good hotel that I would have regularly appreciated all because I imagined extra bells and whistles that weren’t going to happen.

In another instance my roommates and I learned not to take no for an answer in a similar story. We were planning a trip to the hot springs. A ton of companies offered package deals for ridiculous prices and acted as if the package could not be purchased without the company. With our own research, we were able to cut the cost of the trip in half, and still do all the things we wanted to do.

I could go on and on. With traveling, the best thing to pack is an open mind. Do your best to only take heed to good, genuine advice. Discard the rest so that you are able to build your own opinion without the burdensome preconceived notions that come with receiving advice from others.

cynthia travelWritten By Cynthia Edwards, Social Media Journalist

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