One of the amazing things about being in Costa Rica is that there is plenty of ice cream. Yes, I seriously just said ice cream. When you are abroad in a place that doesn’t have the food you are typically used to, the things that remind you of home and that you can connect with both cultures becomes pretty important. Costa Rican ice cream is not somehow chemically or physically different than that of US ice cream, but there sure are flavors here that are, dare I say?, much better!

My home stay roommates and I like small desserts after dinner and once we found out where to find ice cream locally, it became a common treat throughout the week. We have tried a variety of ice cream treats and have come up with some pretty good ones. If you want to go to an ice cream parlor, then Pops is by far the place to go. There are flavors here that you can’t get outside of Central America! My personal favorites are Cas, crema de limon and brownie dynamite. Cas is unique to the area as it is a Central American fruit, and the ice cream has a sharp cas taste (citrusy like a lemon but not as sour). The crema de limon is exactly what is says, and it is definitely creamy!

If you just go to the local Musmani then you can still find good ice cream treats from Dos Pinos (but hey remember nothing beats Pops!). The two favorites of Musmani are Trits and Choco Snack. Trits are vanilla ice cream sandwiches in a cylindrical container that has chocolate sauce in the bottom. Choco Snacks are bite size bits of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and crispies. Then there are small sundaes. These are the closest to US ice cream. They are ice cream with chocolate (or caramel) that have nuts and whipped cream.

All in all you can’t go wrong with the ice cream in Costa Rica, but had you any concerns I hope now you are getting ready to go straight to Pops!






Written by: Kaila Noland, Social Media Journalist

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