IMG_9268 (2)This week I interviewed my professor, Eddie Ramírez, from my Cultural Photography elective course at Veritas. He has been teaching courses at the university for a little over six years after serving as the marketing director for the school before that. Although his background is not originally in teaching, he returned for his graduate degree in education, because he liked working with students so much. At Veritas, Ramírez teaches six courses solely to international students including regular, cultural and ecological photography, documentary appreciation, leadership skills, and international marketing.

Ramírez has lived and traveled all over the world and speaks 4 languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. He was born in Guatemala and spent most of his childhood going back and forth between Guatemala and Costa Rica. “My family is Costa Rican but it’s seems like it’s in our DNA to be moving around,” Ramírez said. Then when he was seventeen, he moved to Canada for college. After that he got a job with the Canadian government that sent him to South Africa for seven years before he found his way back to Costa Rica. “I tend to choose jobs that help me travel,” Ramírez mused.

His favorite country is South Korea. “It’s the one place that has managed to surprise me the most. There were so many beautiful and great things, and the people were just so interesting and so nice. Every day I had a new surprise there, and it’s just marked me. I love Asian cultures.” he said.

Ramírez is married, and has one daughter whom he enjoys cooking with. “I love cooking and everything that has to do with cuisine and also as an expression of culture. I really like not just tasting it and cooking it, but understanding where is it coming from…the spices, the choices of tastes, the presentation,” he said. His wife also works at Veritas.

My cultural photography class with Ramírez has been fabulous. His knowledge of cultures and photography has made for a very interesting course full of exploring Costa Rican and other cultures. We go on a weekly field trip to a local cultural place such as a church or park, and he always has interesting facts to share and situations and people to expose us to.

“I teach courses that are of interest to me…so that I can give myself back to the students and the only way to do that is if you truly like what you’re teaching, which is the difference of making a career in education and doing it as something that compliments your life.”

Written By Jennifer Hall, Social Media Journalist

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