Aaaaaachooo!….. Just like that, your study abroad trip is over. Did you accomplish all you set out to do? Did you try anything new? Most of all, do you have any regrets? Midterm period will roll around in your classes and its important to personally evaluate your trip around that time too because it can certainly be pass or fail.

So you’re thinking, how do you make sure that the end of your trip doesn’t sneak up in you like a thief in the night? I’m glad you asked. The first thing to do is to make specific and measurable goals. When I came to Costa Rica, my goals were simple. I wanted to scratch somethings off my bucket list, turn my experience into something I could use on my résumé, and have better Spanish fluency.

Simply saying that I wanted to scratch things off my bucket list wasn’t specific enough. I did that without even trying.

Goal making has to be specific to actually inspire real results. I should have said that I wanted to try something new everyday. The other two goals were fine in my book, because they were measurable.

By the middle of your trip, your personal midterm evaluation should tell you that either accomplished everything you set out for the rest of the list can easily be completed in the foreseeable future.

Whatever the case, if you wish you would have done more at your halfway point, do it while you still have time. Traveling isn’t something you do with regrets. Be able to go home with a crazy story that you survived from. What happens in CR, stays in CR!

image (2) Written By Cynthia Edwards, Social Media Journalist

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