Believe it, or not, some of the most simple, basic activites in San Jose can be equally exciting as some weekend excursions. It is a great way to explore the culture without spending too much. My Tico family was helpful when learning about parks, malls, and other places that they like to go to and places to avoid the expensive tourist attractions.

For one, going to a movie has never been so entertaining! It’s a great way to practice Spanish and stay up to date on feature films. For students, a movie costs 2000 colones, and on Wednesdays it only costs 1600 colones – not bad at all! The Multiplaza Mall has a nice big theater and being in the mall, is conveniently located to food spots and other cute shops.


Attending a mass at one of the many beautiful churches around town can also be fun. It’s another way to practice Spanish and spend time with some friends or your Tico family. If you have the chance to go to the Basilica de la Virgen de los Angeles in Cartago, it is gorgeous! I was lucky enough to be in town during the Virgen de los Angeles Day, and was able to partake in the walk to Cartago.

cartago church

There are local parks with intricate artwork and graffiti. The National Theater downtown is free to walk inside the doors and look around. Look online to see if there are any festivals or activities going on downtown, they may be cheap and close by. There is plenty of things to do here in San Jose to keep busy, so don’t think too much – an adventure could be just around the corner!

local parkWritten By Rachel Illias, Social Media Journalist

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