Snack time might just be my favorite time of the day!  I always get that little nagging hunger somewhere between lunch and dinner and always in the middle of my afternoon class.  Good thing we have a break in the middle of class!  Then there is the decision of what to snack on… Well I’m in Costa Rica so why not something Costa Rican!

There are so many options for snacks if you want to get out of your usual Snickers and Skittles rut that you’re stuck in.  My personal favorites have to be the local galletas (cookies) of Costa Rica! Recreo cookies are two short bread cookies held together with vanilla cream and are my favorite of all the ones I’ve tried so far.  I’ve found out that the best way to eat them is after they’ve been chilled in the fridge for a short time.  Chiky cookies are pretty delicious too!  It’s is a square shortbread cookie with a chocolate coated bottom or a vanilla coated bottom.  Both of them are equally delicious in my opinion so I like to switch it up between the two.


The Chiky cookies are pretty tasty but they don’t compare to the chocolate that Chiky makes. There is Chiky Brown and Chiky White.  Chiky Brown is milk chocolate with tiny crispy bits throughout. Chiky White is white chocolate with chocolate crispy bits throughout the bar so pretty much the reverse!  They aren’t like the typical Hershey’s milk chocolate that you will find in the United States.  The chocolate doesn’t seem as sweet but it doesn’t need to be.  It tastes just as awesome even though it’s a new taste!

Sin título

Snack foods that are local to Costa Rica have proved to be delicious and always hit the spot!  It does help that they are so inexpensive.  My favorite snack has to be the Recreo cookies!  I have gotten them so often because they are only 160 colones which is equivalent to 33 cents!  The Chiky Cookies are 260 colones (52 cents) and the Chiky Cholocate is 450 colones (90 cents).  It is much cheaper to get the local snacks that to get something such as a Snickers for 900 colones which is almost two dollars.  The price makes trying new snacks that much easier.  Before I head back to the States, I am going to buy a large package of both Recreo and Chiky cookies from the market!


When it comes to snacks in a foreign country I would definitely recommend branching out!  It’s so awesome the things that you get to try that you probably can’t anywhere else.  There are also so many options that you just cannot turn down to opportunity.  My next snack adventure is going to be trying the cookies with the guava jelly filling!  Then so much more!

Written by: Emily Gulick, Social Media Journalist

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