I realized today, that I didn’t remember some words in English. Even my Spanglish interrupts my conversations with folks from home. It’s funny to me to go through these things because I was convinced that 5 weeks in Costa Rica wasn’t enough time to recognize a change in myself. Welp, I was wrong. A lot has changed and I am concerned as to how I would comfortably adjust back to my home culture with loosing what I learned here. I’m no expert, but here are some theories…

1. Spend quality time everyday, with some form of Spanish.

Whether its TV, music, or a news article, I think it’s important to incorporate Spanish in your day to keep your mind fresh- especially if you came for language. Cultural pieces are important too. Having an occasional Costa Rican inspired meal is definitely in my plans.

2. Don’t immediately go back to the way you used to eat.

I realized I lost a few pounds in Costa Rica and my health has changed too. For the first time since childhood, I am eating 3 meals a day. I am getting to eat fresher too. Not that super preservative, heavy msg, high fructose heaven that I was so accustomed  to. I am determined to take more consideration in what I eat now, all because of Costa Rica.

3. Use your experience!

I went to a career workshop today that taught us all about how to advocate a study abroad experience into your newly acquired skills. The confidence and balls(perdon) that you grow just by completing this experience will automatically catapult you into new testimonies. Don’t just stop here!

Of course there are many other pieces if advice like how to adjust back to family and friends, but those interactions are different for everyone. Naturally, don’t expect your folks to understand how amazing your experience was. It’s nearly impossible. Keep your pics and reflect as much as possible. Going back isn’t the hardest part I guess. Do everything you can while you are here, leave with no regrets and never let it die in vain. As always, Bon Voyage!

Written by Cynthia Edwards, Social Media Journalist

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