Interning at VERITAS,

My experiences here at VERITAS in these past 3 months have been nothing short of amazing. The first month here I took an intensive spanish class, then the following month I started my internship. When I first arrived to work here, I was nervous, this was my first time working in a new country having to use a new language, first days are already hard enough completely in English. But being able to work with Paige and Andres made my experience a lot better. Paige is always so full of energy and can make just about anything sound like fun because of her bubbly personality. Andres what a character, I could not ask for a better boss here he is funny, hardworking and extremely knowledegable on the field he is working in. I have always been told, going to college is one thing, but actually learning skills from real life work is another. I feel like I have learned more in these two months about marketing and sales than in 3 and a half years in college. Learning how to analyze websites and see how companies attract customers, and then when they do attract customers how do we keep them engaged and wanting to invest more time and money into our company; you cannot learn this is class.

Sometimes I do get a little overwelmed, or I do not completely understand things, or I feel like everything is just all over the place; but usually after I calm myself everything starts to fall into place and I am able to complete my tasks. I think the hardest time I had here was when there were virtually no students here for 3 weeks, I am a very social person and being in the office and just on the computer all day was a challege but it all worked out. Now that the students are back it has been great, I love the fact that I am the one that gets to update out Facebook page; I am always trying to come up with new ideas on how to engage the students more on the site. It really does not seem like I have been at this internship for 2 months. I am really hoping I can do more to help later on since I want to stay an extra couple of months, even if it is just voluntering for the office. As an International business major this is huge for me, and I really thank you all for being apart of my journey and being there for me when I need you. I love the contrustive critism I receive and also the praises, both help better me as a future career woman. I appreciate everything.

Written by,

Precious Wilson

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