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This weekend I traveled to Tamarindo Beach. I had an awesome time there! We stayed in a five star hotel called Tamarindo Diria that was located on the beach and it was very pretty. When we arrived, we were welcomed with a very nice cultural dinner which included a performance of the official dance of Costa Rica known as El Punto Guanacasteco. The buffet for dinner was awesome. We were served traditional Costa Rican foods & a bit of American food so it was a nice balance. I tried a popular Costa Rican cake, Tres Leches, for the first time & loved it. I explored the city a lot & met many ticos from all over Costa Rica. I also met people from Limón, Heredia, and Domincan Republic, who moved to Costa Rica looking to enjoy la pura vida.

Tamarindo is a popular vacation spot for many Americans. During my trip in Tamarindo, my roommate & I spoke with an local Tico who was from America. He shared stories with us about how he visited Costa Rica and fell in love with a tica. He eventually returned and opened up a successful business called Coral Reef Restaurant & Hostel where his specialty is smoked BBQ. He says visiting Costa Rica was the best thing that ever happened to him. Pura Vida!

Written by Manisha Merritt, Social Media Journalist

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