Recently I made a trip to Nicaragua to renew my visa in Costa Rica.  My roommate and I took the Tica bus from San Jose to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Including the stop at the border it was a 9 hour bus ride, we left at 12:30 and got to Managua at 9:30, it wasn’t bad though the Tica bus is comfortable. Our final destination was Matagalpa which is another 2 hours north east of the capital, for a total of 11 hours of traveling. We were staying with a Farrell Burton and his two sons Andrew and Joesph, missionaries from North Carolina. Farrell has lived in Nicaragua for 3 years now, sharing God’s word, helping churches and families, and kids who have super rough living conditions at home and end up on the streets.  His ministry is called “The Hope Project”.   They are making an unbelievable difference in the community of Matagalpa.


Breakfast in Nicaragua is super cheap and delicious. Two bucks for a big plate of Gallo pintos, eggs, cheese, plantain, and coffee. The coffee in Nicaragua is excellent, the best coffee I’ve ever had! The next day we went to an extremely small village in the mountains to measure kids feet, because the next month The Hope Project is receiving 25,000 pairs of shoes from China to distribute throughout Nicaragua.  This little town had no electricity or  running water.  Everyone makes a difficult hike down to a river for water. The people of this town live off the land, harvesting coffee beans and other crops.  The preacher of the town built the local church by himself out of wood from trees he cut down.

The part of Nicaragua I went to was super beautiful, so much green undeveloped open space.  Matagalpa isn’t really a tourist spot.  Before I left people kept telling me how unsafe and dangerous Nicaragua is, being the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. But I never once felt unsafe.

Written by Tyler Wilson, Social Media Journalist

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