Evan Craft is known throughout various church and music-loving communities for his unique and uplifting pop style music. Evan was born in Semivally, raised in Thousand Oaks near Los Angles California. He started taking Spanish in high school, and developed a passion to become a traveling singing missionary.

His main genre is Spanish music. He started translating Spanish worship songs for a pastor in Columbia, this is what really started Evan into the Spanish Christian Worship field. He Released his most famous album in Spanish, on September, 25 2012 titled “Yo Soy Segundo.”  The album encompasses soulful pop rock mixed with deep meaningful lyrics.

Today he has 43,517 followers on facebook and he is looking like the next big thing in the Spanish music industry. With multiple radio and television interviews here in Costa Rica every month, it sounds like Latin America is getting hooked on Evan’s jams! In a recent interview, Evan states, “Serving  the Lord is main purpose”, “I feel like this is what the Lord is calling me to do” To further encourage people Evan says, “anybody from any background  can serve the Lord, despite whatever happened in your past, the Lord can use you!”

If you want more information go to Evan Craft Facebook Page



Written by Tyler Wilson, Social Media Journalist

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