Bread and Chocolate

This past weekend I traveled to Puerto Viejo, a popular destination in the province of Limón. We stayed at a very popular hostel called Rocking J’s. It’s popular for it’s “hammock jungle’ , tents, and laid-back atmosphere. The entire hostel is decorated by never ending mosaic masterpieces, many made by tourists from all over the world. I was very hesitant on sleeping in a hammock for two nights thinking that it would be dreadfully uncomfortable but it wasn’t that bad. It’s definitely a nice spot for young tourists to go meet and hang out with other young tourists. For breakfast, I ate at a highly recommended cafe named Bread & Chocolate. They are known for their all natural menu and tasty desserts. I’d highly recommend anyone who visits Puerto Viejo to eat at Bread & Chocolate. It’s definitely worth every penny spent.

A nice advantage of being in Puerto Viejo is that tourists can rent bikes for as low as $5 for 24 hours and it is very much worth it. You can take a 20 minute bike ride with friends to nearby site Punta Uva where the view of the ocean are breathtaking. After spending three weekends on the Pacific coast, I thought I had seen it all, but the Caribbean coast went beyond my expectations. I felt like I was in a magazine, the water was so clear and beautiful. There are many bars and restaurants in Puerto Viejo to visit. My favorite of the the entire weekend was Lazy Mon, a hostel and restaurant. They have a live band, ping pong, and and also pool tables for entertainment. It’s a great place to go meet locals & enjoy great Reggae music. At Lazy Mon, I met a native Costa Rican from the province Alejuala, often called “La ciudad de los mangos.” Her name was Suyan and I had an extensive conversation with her, in Spanish, I am proud to say! I met her brothers and friends with whom she was on vacation with and their bond was so strong, you can tell they were all very close to one another. We talked for a while and she told me about her life and how she is currently studying nursing & how she wants to make a difference in the lives of many Costa Ricans one day. It was refreshing to meet someone with so much concentration and passion about something so often taken advantage of. Puerto Viejo is an amazing place that I am very happy knowing I have had the chance to experience. I definitely plan on visiting again!

Written By Manisha Merritt, Social Media Journalist

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