Halloween is celebrated in countries all over the world from the United Kingdom to South America. In the United States it’s largely celebrated with huge festivities for all ages. One of the biggest correlations one would assume with Halloween is trick or treating. In Costa Rica this tradition is slowly being put to a halt. This was only one custom to the traditions of a Costa Rican Halloween that differ from the rest.

Due to the large religious population in Costa Rica, Halloween is split between being celebrated and ignored. But for those who do celebrate, use this holiday as a fun festive all around good time. Many can be expected to be celebrating with the traditional costume attire and scary antics. The traditional ways for these fiestas are in small personal parties. Bars and Hotels usually take advantage of this to promote their business by throwing huge events. All these forms of celebrating can be seen in the United States as well. However there are some differences that Costa Rica has that the U.S. does not.

One being the slow decline of trick or treating.  Due to the fact that it is becoming unsafe for children and the raising crime-rates. This may be a highly desired tradition amongst children all over the world but the simple fact is no matter what Country one is trick or treating in. It can be unsafe anywhere.

Another tradition is the “Día de la Mascarada” or Masquerade Day. This day is celebrated by dressing up is mud-made mask that are so gigantic that they could easily be the size of a small person themselves. These usually portray fictional, national and international famous characters. Is it not rare to see famous politicians being portrayed in mocking and silly ways.

Halloween is widely celebrated holiday. That is based on the concept of fun and a chance to dress up and escape the day to day norms. Costa Rica may have a different perspective on this holiday; however for those who admire and celebrate this festive holiday put their own twist and colorful spiral on this holiday.


Written by Joelee Schafer, Social Media Journalist

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