PUSH IT, GO, 10 more seconds…. INSANITY

These are all words that I am greeted by at 6:00 in the morning by my wonderful Shawn T. Insanity workouts on my computer. One of my favorite things to do is work out in the morning as soon as I wake up because of a quote that I once heard: “Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing.” The only hard part about this that I live with a host family in Costa Rica and my  room is 10 x 10 feet. There is no room to do my exercises so I wake up and do them in the living room. This isn’t terrible except for the fact that my Mama “Tica” wakes up to eat breakfast and STARES at me the whole time. 

One thing I noticed from living in Costa Rica for three weeks is that many people don’t “workout” but they do other forms of exercise. Many people dance (trust me this is a workout) or they have jobs that are physically demanding. This was a very hard culture to switch over to because I am accustomed to going to the gym every day and having a very structured workout schedule. One alternative I found that I love to do is go hiking. Hiking up and down hills, through the rainforest and along the beach is beautiful and fun. 

Also, a few friends and I were on a mission to find a gym and to our surprise we found a gym that is very close to Veritas. It is called Diamond Gym and they offer all types of workout classes from ZUMBA to cycling in Spanish. On the bright side, I can now workout and learn some more Spanish!
PURA VIDA and stay healthy!

Written by Rebecca Vander Sluis, Social Media Journalist



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