On Wednesday night, three friends and I decided to go to a bible study in Costa Rica. The church was called “Iglesias el Olivo”. Its about five minutes away from Universidad Veritas. I attend church regularly in the United States but I was kind of skeptical about attending a church in Costa Rica. I had already made up my mind that I was not going to attend church while here. I decided that I was going to just stick with listening to old church services.

Pulling up to the church there were no fancy decorations or anything of that nature. Once service started a lady began to pray (in Spanish) and I immediately felt the presence of God. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect to feel his presence so boldly as if I was back at home and especially since the prayer was in a different language.

On Friday we went to a traditional Catholic Church and the peoples desperation for God gave me chills. And I felt the same presence. Seeing people worship God and kneel at the alter just felt so genuine and real. This experience was God’s way of showing me that even though I am thousands of miles away from my family, I am not away from him. I learned to take the limits off my experiences with God. For me to say that I was not going to attend church while here was ridiculous because now I can’t wait to attend another service.

Written by Mejhe Minor, Social Media Journalist


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