When visiting a foreign country, it is so easy to become caught up in the differences between the new place and home. Why are the people so different? How can the same foods taste so different? My host family is completely different than my family! How can I live without everything I am used to?

This is simply wasting time. Yes, no matter where you go there will be differences. Acknowledge them and continue on with life blissfully. If the differences are all I think about, the more time I will spend wasting away at my one chance at life. My challenge this month is to find something everyday to be thankful for in Costa Rica.

Some of the small things-

1. The ten minute walk to the University. Enough time to talk about the  weekend with friends or walk back home for a forgotten book or homework.

2. The morning fruit plate for breakfast each day. Start the day out right!

3. The cool of the morning, the sun of the afternoon, the breeze of the evening air coming through the windows.

4. Taxis. Great Spanish practice. Enough time to have a quick conversation in Spanish and learn more about Costa Rica.

5. The diversity of the country. The beach one weekend. A rain forest the following. Events in the city the next. All within a few hours away on a bus.

6. The daily greeting and smile of the man on the corner of the street.

7.Random people who are willing to stop and eager to help with directions or questions no matter how much you need them repeated slower.

8. The bakery a short walk from the University. Full of chocolate, bread, and tasty treats. Satisfying to this bread and chocolate fanatic.

9.One month old friends who are already life long friends.

10.The presence of God’s creation in the mountains, sea, flowers, and people.

Take time out of your day to find a few small things that bring you happiness. Chances are the smallest things are often the BIGGEST blessings.

Written by Megan Bowman, Social Media Journalist

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