The second you get off a plane into another country, you are instantly bombarded with new rhythms, instrumentation, and voices you may not find familiar. But don’t deny the music, take it in, embrace it, and let it flow through you like…like…flowing things. Don’t just push it away for being different.

If you are the type to do research before you go somewhere new…which makes sense and makes me seem even more lazy since I don’t…hmm…well kudos to you but also, research the music as well because once there, you won’t be able to escape it. “Music is life and life is good”. You may find a new favorite artist or song and one of the best things with music is that certain songs can remind you of and take you back to specific times. Look at it this way, you’re not just going into some new sounds, you’re going to make an entry into your mental storage in the form of a lyrical time machine.

Embrace the music! Embrace the new. Remember this mantra…”Not weird, just different.”

Written by John Mack, Social Media Journalist

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