The word “amazed” accurately fits the feeling I experience when I encounter Costa Rica’s beautiful natural wonders. Places like Poas, Monteverde, Jaco Beach, and Manuel Antonio are stunning. However, the word “confused” explains the feeling I have when I see McDonald’s cups, Wendy’s fry holders, or paper plates thrown around San Jose.  I have even noticed wrappers stuck between tree branches as if someone took the time to carefully place it there.  Why litter? In such a beautiful city I didn’t expect to find, well….any dirt. Was that a realistic expectation? No, of course not. Pero en serio, what is it about human beings that sometimes allows for such laziness that we won’t wait to find a trash can or recycling a bin?

Quite honestly I have never really paid to much attention to littering in my town in Ohio and have done so on more than one occasion…but now it is time to reconsider my actions. What does my carbon footprint look like and say about me? If pollution keeps rising at such high rates and is socially acceptable will my grandchildren or great grandchildren (if I decide to have some one day) be able to see the natural world wonders without them being littered by plastic byproduct and fast-food-chain residue? Why litter?

Written by Jeniecce Tucker, Social Media Journalist

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