I have been blessed five times over with grandparents and today I was blessed for a sixth time. I was given the opportunity to meet my Mama Tica’s parents and older sister.  Four of my grandparents have passed, a reality I have made peace with. I didn’t expect to receive any more because that is physically impossible. However, I never thought of the emotional connection that comes with a grandparents’ love and I never considered that those connections could be reproduced, even if just momentarily.

In the beginning, I sat at a table with only one familiar face. In the end, I had coffee and conversation with four new family members.   My Abuela Tica probably stands a whopping 5 feet but her love is gigantic.  Her hands are both firm and soft and give me a nostalgic feeling. Her words are warm and her kisses were plentiful for reasons I do not know except for the fact that I have big cheeks and older people seem to want to kiss, pinch, poke, or pull them. My Abuelo Tico is tall, gentle, and curious, which are admirable qualities. When he said “mucho gusto” (nice to meet you) he was sincere.  Within the next couple of months I will be making trips to Cartago, where they call home, for lunches and dinner, for simple conversations over coffee and cookies where English, Spanish, and body language will all be used at once to communicate.  Pura Vida. 

Written by Jeniecce Tucker, Social Media Journalist

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