One of the fastest ways to learn your new city is to get yourself lost in it. It’s a bit nerve wracking but it really does work, trust me…or don’t. I’m just another person on the internet. Take it with a grain of salt.

Being someplace new can be pretty overwhelming. The culture shock, the homesickness, the helpless feeling of not knowing where everything is like you do at home. It’s all natural. But how do you get over these fears? You face them head on. Laugh in the face of danger like Simba did. Okay maybe you should take some safety precautions. It can be dangerous out there, guys.

Bring some friends along with you for the journey. The more brains the merrier. The only problem would be that a big group may attract unwanted attention, so again, take some safety precautions.

Also, walk at night. Since it’s so dark, finding your way around will make it that much easier to know the surroundings than when there is light out. Okay you didn’t believe that right? After all of my “take precautions”? Sigh, maybe just take a taxi.

Written by John Mack, Social Media Journalist

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