This week I was extremely homesick. It seemed as though everyone else was enjoying there stay here except me. It felt like I was out of the loop in all of my classes and once I began to do well in one class, I’d get knocked down in another. At my home college I’m used to being able to read a few chapters in a book and then take the exam or sit in a lecture and take the exam. Here it’s extremely different. Back home, I’m used to getting a “B” or higher in my courses but this past week I’ve been stressed because I’ve been extremely concerned about my grades. I was homesick because in one of my courses I was not doing so well and it was devastating me. 

On Sunday, I listened to church online and the pastor preached about faith and at that moment I realized that I shouldn’t be worrying and I should have faith that everything would be okay. Having faith opens our hearts and minds to opportunity. Being negative and stressing about my grades will only give me negative results. If I say I’m going to fail I probably will because I’ll unintentionally not work as hard for it. 

All in all, I’ve decided to not stress anymore but try to do my best in all of my courses and have faith that everything I put out will be great. Quitting is not an option. I am here for a reason and God didn’t send me here to fail.

“My Belief becomes my thoughts
My thoughts become my words
My words become my actions
My actions become my habits
My habits become my value
My value becomes my destiny
My destiny is always tied to my beliefs. 
If our belief system is contaminated everything in our lives are contaminated.”

Written by Mejhe Minor, Social Media Journalist

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