Although I have lived in the city for a month and a half, I still long for my open spaces. I grew up and have lived my entire life, up to this time, in the country with corn fields and woods in my backyard. Town was at least a ten minute drive away and the city a half and hour away.

Living in the mega city in Costa Rica brings about some changes for this small town girl. I have now turned from a driver into a passenger. Besides my own two feet and the occasional taxi, the buses have been my main mode of transportation. This is great for practicing patience as buses take a while longer to reach destinations. I can take in so much more scenery or take a nap depending on the bus ride. I have not driven a car for one and a half months. This is the longest record by far. Do I miss the freedom of having a car to go anywhere and anytime? YES! I miss the convenience of having a car. On the flipside, no car means more walking! No longer do I have to worry about getting exercise everyday. The walk to school and back, sometimes up to three times a day, is great exercise!

Living in the city means learning new terms. Terms like blocks and such. I always have to ask for directions and sometimes do not understand them even if they are in English. This results in asking several times and different people along the route.  Everyone gives directions a bit different than the last person so finding the right location is cause for celebration.

Living in the city means giving up a bit of privacy. Houses are right next to each other. No more silence and the chirping of crickets at night. At night, I hear sirens and cars passing. Stars are hard to find on nights and are far and few between. Everything is locked up and surrounded with barbed wire. I am not accustomed to having to carry keys everywhere and remembering to keep everything locked up. Water tastes different. Smells are different.

Living in the city for me requires adjusting. I am enjoying this change in my life although I tend to feel claustrophobic at times and need space with peace and quiet.

City life is fast and exciting. There is so much to do! There is always people watching to be found and people are unique and interesting in the city. City life means everything is close by and convenient. Everything you need is practically at your fingertips. Life goes by at a fast pace, in fast forward.

Written by Megan Bowman, Social Media Journalist

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