I am staying with a host family who has been kind and very welcoming from day one. Each member of the household has a busy life of their own outside of trying to care for a total of 5 students from all over the United States of America. Mariela, the mother; Kenneth, the father; and Monserrath, the little four year old girl, all lead busy lives outside the home. Mariela and Kenneth both hold jobs, as well as care for Monse (as we call her) when she’s not at school four days a week. Mariela also attends classes a few days a week, about an hour away from home.

As I mentioned before, there are a total of five students in the home from all over the U.S. There is Quincey, Shey, Kresta, Kate, and myself, of course. Since we all come from very different parts of the U.S., we all bring our own opinions to the table, literally. We eat breakfast and dinner together every morning and night, as well as see each other in passing at school. Becoming part of this very diverse Familia Tica has been a great experience thus far.

From afternoons playing with Monse to mornings and nights talking with Mariela, Kenneth, and all the other girls, has been a great and enjoyable start to my study abroad experience. I hope to create many more memories with all of the members of my Familia Tica. Even though three of my housemates return to the U.S. very soon, I hope to stay in contact with them as the return home. I also hope to create great memories with the other members of my new family while I remain here in Costa Rica. In this home, I feel like I truly belong, like I’m truly a member of this family!

Written by Bethany Fredrick, Social Media Journalist

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