A dish that is very popular here in Costa Rica is chifrijo. My momma tica makes this dish once a week. The ingredients she uses are very similar to other’s recipes for chifrijo. She uses rice, beans, pics de gallo, guacamole, fried pork, and a tortilla bowl. This is where her recipe differs from many others. Many people serve chifrijo with tortilla chips,but my momma tica enjoys the flavors soaking into an edible bowl! 
I truly enjoy the idea of the flavors of each ingredient as well as ever spice she uses, soaking into the large tortilla bowl that serves as a bowl as well as an essential part of the meal. Her recipe is simple, one cup of each ingredient goes into the large tortilla bowl, for each of us to enjoy. She explained to me that chifrijo is a very popular “Boca” in the bars here in Costa Rica, because the ingredients go well with a beer. She said that every student she has had, since she started housing students four years ago, has loved this dish. Is has been my favorite dish thus far as well. I can’t wait to try to make it myself some day, adding touches of my own as she did buy using a tortilla as the bowl.


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