Costa Rican coffee is one of the best in Latin America. It is known for its rich and pure flavor. Costa Ricans love coffee so much that they drink it at any time with any meal. There are many plantations in which farmers grow coffee tress and pick out the coffee beans. Depending on the coffee it is processed in different ways. I had the privilege of visiting Kalu a coffee shop that showed us the  different ways to make coffee and the different coffee beans. The two ways that were demonstrated  made a big difference in how the coffee tasted. The coffee beans that were demonstrated were natural, washed, honey and caraclillo in which all have distinct taste. At our visit we learned about “cafe pendiente” (Coffee pending) in which customers pay for a coffee for anyone that comes and doesn’t have money to buy it. They are able to leave a note for the person and the person can respond. The idea is to give those who cannot afford a cup of coffee the chance to also have one. Kalu is also a restaurant that can be used to enjoy a nice afternoon with friends. I enjoyed our visit a lot and will be planning a trip with my friends very soon!Image

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