This past weekend was amazing. I was able to travel to Zacero, La Forturna, Arenal Volcano and Baldi Hot springs. I was able to do so many things in just two days. First, we stopped at Zacero where we were able to visit a park which has different animal shaped bushes. The park also has flowers and very beautiful sites. The park is also home to a Catholic church. People in town say that the man that maintains the park was offered to work at Disney World but he refused because he wanted to stay in his town. This man who is now 100 years old is not able to keep up all the work so he has other people working there. It was very interesting to see all the beautiful scenery and how clean it was.


            On our way to the next place we stopped to see the Arenal volcano. I was able to see the volcano in different parts of the town while driving, it was scary to see it and be so close. Right after we went to La Foturna and all I have to say is WOW! The waterfall was beautiful. It is definitely a place that I advice everyone to visit if they come to Costa Rica. I had to hike down to the waterfall which is very nice because you can see the forest and also different angles of the waterfall. Once I was down there I swam in the water with the fish. The water is a little cold but you’ll get used to it. Also there are a lot of rocks so be very careful. When I looked around I couldn’t believe I was there. A city girl who hardly sees the stars at night was standing in front of the most beautiful scene ever.


            Last but not least I spent the afternoon at Baldi Hot Springs. The resort has about 5 different hot pools and a few cold pools. It had water slides, waterfalls, bars, music and much more. It was very relaxing to just sit back and enjoy the Costa Rican sun. 


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