For my last free weekend in Costa Rica I visited Monteverde. It was the best decision of my trip! We started Saturday morning with zip lining, which was worth the money we paid for the whole trip (it really wasn’t a lot). I went bungee jumping which was probably the most exhilarating feeling of my life, and then I ended the day with horseback riding. Monteverde is incredible.


      I wish I was staying here longer. I will definitely have to come back to Costa Rica because there is still so much to see. I did not get to see the Carribean side or any hot springs, which is upsetting, but just an excuse to come back! I know it is so cliché to say that time flies when you are here in Costa Rica, but it is so true. This month has gone by incredibly fast. While I am ready to be home, I have enjoyed my time here so much!

A lot of people say, “I learned so much about myself,” about their semester abroad, but in all honesty, I knew about myself when I came here. However, I learned about other people.  Meeting people from all over the country is mind blowing!  I was lucky enough to be in a group where literally everyone got along, there was never any drama. I am going to miss my new, and even unexpected, friends. I learned about Costa Ricans, why they say and do certain things.  My host family has also been a tool in helping me learn.  It’s crazy how much they are like my family at home; it makes me that less homesick. Everyone here in Costa Rica has made my experience one that I will never forget.


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  1. That sounds awesome! I’m heading to Costa Rica in about a week, and will definitely be checking out Monteverde! It sounds great and I really want to do some zip lining! I’m too chicken for a bungee jump though…

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