Okay so there are a lot of comments said about Jaco Beach but you have to experience it before judging. My friends and I had the weekend off and wanted to go somewhere affordable and close by. So we decided on Jaco beach but then we began to hear bad things about it. Even though we were a little afraid we took the chance and went.  We got on the bus which was only about 2,400 colones. The bus ride is about an hour and a half which was not bad at all. We made reservations to stay at Beds on Bohio, which is a Hostel. It was my first time staying in one so I was a little nervous. Here are some tips just so you can be prepared…

  1. Pack light ( the rooms are small)
  2. You get what you pay for so don’t expect a 5 star resort
  3. Go to the Mas por Menos (it’s a supermarket) try to cook at the hostel to save money.
  4. Bring Sunblock(You WILL get sunburned) oh and bug spray.
  5. Be open to make friends. There is usually a lot of people from all over.( I met someone from Germany)
  6. Free drinks for ladies from 8-10 next door.(Drink Responsibly)
  7. If you never showered in an outside shower please do so!
  8. Last but not least, make your own fun! Dance, mingle and enjoy the moment.


Our first night we walked around and got familiar with the area. After we had dinner at the amazing restaurant, Mono Verde. The place looks very fancy but the food was affordable. It was so good we went both nights. They have $2 margaritas and they are SOOOO good plus the service was great! We didn’t go to any clubs or bars that night because we were tried. So we just stayed at the Hostel and relaxed.

The next day we cooked breakfast and prepared lunch for a fun day at the beach. The beach is known as a surfer town and once I saw the waves I knew exactly why. It was hard to swim because the waves were strong. We were only at the beach for about two hours because we couldn’t swim very well. But we found a hostel right next to our hostel that had a pool. We payed $3 and we were able to stay there till about 5pm.I recommend to stay at that hostel “The Surfer Factory” I plan on going there again before I leave. 


Overall, my weekend was fun! If you are on a budget and still want to have fun that is definitely a place to go.

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