To be honest, I didn’t really want classes to start. During my first three days in Costa Rica, I watched Costa Rica play in the World Cup, ate way too much delicious food, met a lot of great people, and more. However, the real world was approaching with classes and homework in the near future. I began asking myself, “Am I going to have as much fun when I’m in classes for the majority of the day?” After Tuesday, I learned that the answer to my question is “Yes.”
On Tuesday, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I had signed up for Intermediate Spanish – Level 2, and I was worried that the class would be too difficult for me. Once I was in class, I felt much better. I could understand almost everything that the professor said. Also, I was excited when she told us that we would be learning subjunctive as part of the class. When I studied Spanish in high school, I struggled with subjunctive, so I was very happy to hear that I would have the opportunity to relearn it.
My Spanish class was not the only good class of the day. I also left my ecotourism class excited for the next five weeks. Although we only talked about ecotourism for a short amount of time, I learned a lot and I could not wait to learn more. The professor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and she had a great sense of humor as well. My classmates seemed great, and one of them was even from Costa Rica. I am definitely looking forward to hearing his opinions about ecotourism in his home country. As the class ended with us talking about the field trips we will be taking to Mastatal and Santa Rosa, I could tell that I am already liking the class since it will combine learning both inside and out of the classroom.
After I finished my first day of class, I was no longer worried. Instead, I found myself counting the hours until I could return to class to continue learning more.

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