During my stay in Costa Rica I have had the opportunity  to travel to San José, Manuel Antonio, Camaronal, and Samara Beach. Throughout my journey I made a few very cool animal friends along the way…


While in Manuel Antonio I came face-to-face with a common house gecko. Initially, I was a bit taken back when my mother and I discovered the little guy relaxing in our bedroom, on the side of our nightstand. These nocturnal geckos are often found climbing up walls scavenging for insects to feed on.

At 9:18pm Saturday evening, I witnessed Denita; the giant leatherback sea turtle perform one of nature’s miraculous miracles. She crawled ashore, dug a hole, and laid her eggs on the sandy beaches of Camaronal.

A few days later, I stopped at a local coffee shop for a nice warm cup of Costa Rica’s famous Britt coffee. To my surprise, I found a bird farm outback. Minutes later, I met Sacsha, the parrot & Janessa, the Toucan. 

The following day, my friends and I visited Samara Beach. While jogging along the shoreline, I tripped over a washed up jellyfish. Naturally, I insisted on introducing myself. I named her Nevada.  

The next morning while sunbathing on the beach I crossed paths with a beautiful family of white-headed capuchin monkeys. They were all immensely full of life, as they leaped from tree to tree snacking on Papayas.

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